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  • Medical billing can be described as an art. It encompasses a diverse range of complex activities, skills, knowledge, and at times emotions.YES! They use forms.

  • Medical coding can be described as an art. It encompasses a diverse range of complex activities, skills, knowledge, and at times emotions.

  • Certification gives professionals recognized credentials. Often the better jobs and salaries go to certified professionals who have proven themselves on the job.


  • Programs abound in every state, yet it is difficult to make the right decision when choosing a medical billing and coding training program that's near by and perfect for you.

  • A medical billing business owner needs a valid contract that spells out exactly the type of services provided, how much will be charged, and all expectations.


  • You may have health insurance laws that regulate what is called Coordination of Benefits. One thing you must be on the watch for in your role as a medical biller are the payments.

  • Many professionals in the medical coding and billing industry have two or three credentials and certifications for which they need to earn annual CEUs.

  • Medical billers are highly sought, as well as medical coders. Realize that medical billers aren't medical coders and medical coders aren't medical billers.

  • Practical advice and case scenarios for medical billers and medical coders provided by real experts already working in this field. Join our active medical billing community forum.

  • There are numerous work-at-home opportunities and jobs listed--they are easily found when searching for home based medical coding and billing jobs.

  • Medical billing is versatile and rewarding. To understand medical billing services you must know what medical billers are, e.g. medical billers are not medical coders.

  • Make sure your medical billing software works for you and the doctor and your service agreements and contracts are specific and address resolution issues

  • Introduction to the medical coding career. Learn what medical coders do and what degree of job security medical coding offers.

  • Why so many choose a career in the healthcare field decide to specialize in the medical billing and coding profession.

  • Job opportunities and the possibility for career advancement abound in medical billing and coding everywhere.

  • The medical billing and coding specialist's vocational training and course requirements.'s_resource_links.html


  • We like to inspire and provide online medical billing students the key to success.

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