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We offer ground-breaking professional publications and an unsurpassed online resource center which includes readily accessible, affordable CEU's FROM HOME for those in the medical billing and coding industry. When medical billers and coders need the latest healthcare news and annual CEU's in an uncomplicated, straight forward environment they can always count on [Your Medical Coding CEU Program name] - and the Online CEU Center! Not only that... There also is an active medical billing forum designed specifically for medical billing and coding professionals. We highly recommend this invaluable resource to all our medical billers and coders. 

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Being a professional means commitment to continuing one's education and to pursue practice enhancing learning. This commitment to self improvement in field-specific aspects of professional competence, such as foundational knowledge and technical skills is very important to remain competitive in the field and reach higher goals. However, obtaining enough annual contact hours to maintain professional credentials can be a challenge at times. One big concern for professionals who need annual Continuing Education Units (CEUs) is lack of availability, money, and time. They often work full time and have extremely tight schedules, family obligations and limited funds which makes it difficult. 

Challenges of Obtaining Enough Annual CEU's: 
  • Availability: Many professionals in the medical coding and billing industry have two or three credentials and certifications for which they need to earn annual CEUs. This spurs the increased need for a continuous flow of fresh CEU workshops, seminars, and programs in any given year. However publishers, organizers, and online educators are hard pressed to meet these ever increasing demands. 
  • Cost: Participation in seminars and workshops that offer CEUs for coders can be quite expensive and therefore too costly for the average coder. 
  • Appreciation: Employers fail to recognize the value of continuing education and avoid to offer continuing education meetings and reimbursement for their staff's educational expenses because of their own budgetary restraints. 
  • Travel: Most seminars and workshops that offer medical billing CEUs are often far away, as a matter of fact, so far away they require advance flight and hotel reservations. 
Our Mission: 
We offer great online resources to show new medical billing and coding professionals how to advance in this very rewarding career. We also make obtaining continuing education via CEU credits as quick and easy as possible. Featuring convenient low cost professional educational and self-study resources is our contribution to thousands of medical billers and coders who visit our site. 


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