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Medical Billing and Medical Coding Jobs

You are in a catch 22 situation... you want a job and doctors want medical billers with experience; you don't have experience and so, no doctor wants to hire you. So how do you convince potential employers to hire you without experience? Excel in class! By doing so, your success starts in school: ask your instructor for a letter of reference; if you are a student that had 100% attendance, 100% with homework turned in and going into the final test with a score of 80% or better, a letter of reference from your instructor can go a long way and be more effective than just submitting your school transcripts. Employers don't usually read the entire school transcript, but they highly value letters of recommendations.

Job Seeking Strategies

Upon successful completion of the program, sit for a recognized certification exam, which is another boost to help you get hired faster. Most doctors, when they hire often want someone who is certified as well. So, consider taking one of the medical coding and billing certification exams offered by recognized professional ceritification sponsors.


Start Simple and Low

Try to offer yourself as an intern, or extern. Start at anything they have, even if there is an opening for "just" a receptionist, grab it. The key is to get your foot in the door and earn the doctor's trust. Another way to get your foot into the door is to keep your eyes and ears open for short term medical billing and coding services to cover for vacations and/or leaves of absence. Understand you are competing against every student in your class and those who are already in the profession with lots of experience. YOU have to be like a raisin on a wedding cake and stand out.


SmartHunt Freelance Workers
Post your skills or provide a service to receive bids or pick a qualified service provider and start work.


medical coding bullets PC Work at Home
Work from home, earn money forum lets you post and read comments about work at home jobs, listings, general questions, scams, reliable companies and employers, pay rates, and resumes, etc.

medical coding bullets Create a blog or simple website under your name to advertise and highlight your best selling points.

medical coding bullets Join social networks and other great networking tools but remain professional on there. 

Leg Work:

medical coding bullets Send out letters to your local doctor's offices and medical billing companies you find in the Yellow Pages. While you are waiting for them to contact you take some medical transcription classes so you can offer medical transcription as well as medical billing services.

medical coding bullets Go to local medical centers, clinics and hospitals to see if they need any help. Ask for their Human Resources (HR) office to pick up some application forms.


medical coding bullets Amphion Medical Solutions
Employs part time and full time medical coders, coding reviewers and medical transcriptionists working from home with great pay and fringe benefits such as credential maintenance reimbursement (wow!!!). You can take an online assessment to quickly test whether you qualify.

medical coding bullets Tigerfish
Offers job opportunities to transcriptionists that work from home. Having been in the business since 1989 they know what they're doing. They demand the best and offer the best.

medical coding bullets Morningside Partners, LLC
Hires transcriptionists to work from home. Their clients are well known media companies like CNN, FOX, and MSNBC and they always need qualified at-home transcribers. They are looking for WPM speed!!!

medical coding bullets AccuTran Global Transcription
Specialize in financial transcription for some major clients. They are super busy and will provide all training material. Large volume of work on a continual basis and flexible time schedules.

medical coding bullets A/V Tronics
Offers E-Reporting and E-Transcription opportunities experienced well-trained transcribers, mostly legal and court transcriptions.

medical coding bullets SpeakWrite Voice to Document Service
An Internet-based transcription service available around the clock and around the world, from any telephone hires independent contractors.

medical coding bullets EScriptionist
Provides high quality, affordable transcription services to those with a deadline in mind! Send them your resume and they will get in touch with you as positions become available.

medical coding bullets Transhealth
A growing company offers medical transcription home-based jobs to skilled MT's with flexible schedules and great benefits.

Mouse Work:

medical coding bullets Use the Internet to research the local jobmarket and what is being offered. There are MANY work-at-home opportunities and companies listed on the Internet. Use search engines and search for "home based medical coding and billing freelance jobs". Read blogs that give specific tips and advice on where to go next.

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Medical Billing Forum:
Discuss common medical billing issues, business startup solutions, jumpstart a medical billing career.

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